News and events

2018-11-07 | LXCAT meeting at the 71th annual Gaseous Electronics Conference
The 2018 GEC (Portland, Oregon, USA, Nov 5-9) has kindly agreed to host a discussion session on the Plasma Data Exchange project and the LXCat Platform at 7 pm on Wednesday Nov 7. Emile Carbone (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Garching) and Jan van Dijk (Eindhoven University of technology) are organizing this event.
Details and updates will be posted on the GEC website: www.apsgec.org/gec2018

2018-07-10 | New links to software
Links have been added to a multi-term Boltzmann solver, and to three tools by Mikhail Benilov and co-workers. Visit the recommended software page.